My Blogging Beginnings

…The chronicles of my first year in Tennessee

October 2010, I sat at the newly discovered local coffee shop, purging my thoughts on paper as I had been doing every day that week. As my thoughts drifted, I recalled the travel diary I kept during my trip to France as a teenager. I thought about how that writing had a purpose. It showed the growth in the mastery of the language as well as the development of relationships and appreciation for the experience I had. I wondered what purpose the writing that I was drawn to make time for might have. Was it merely a written record of the thoughts, problems and emotions I had been sorting through as I adapted to my new surroundings? I asked myself, “What would my story be if I journaled my first year in Tennessee?” I couldn’t leave that burning question unanswered and began to pen my thoughts… and the blog Making of a Southern Girl was birthed. The Journey is the first entry and tells the tale of how I got from Arizona to Tennessee. The entries that followed during my first year can be found by clicking on the tab “My 1st Year in TN”.

… A fresh look at the challenges, blessings and monotonies of life

The burning question of “What would my story be if I journaled my first year in Tennessee?” didn’t end with a neatly wrapped up conclusion like a well-written novel. My story does not yet have a conclusion because life is a journey, and timing cannot be mandated by my own agenda. There are things that I thought would have been accomplished by the end of my first year but those things simply need more time to reach fruition. So I made the decision to continue to blog but with a twist.

I blogged my way through my sophomore year in Tennessee finding things to be genuinely grateful for each day, despite the monotonies and challenges that any given day may present.  My freshman year was measured in love and my sophomore year was measured in gratitude. Click “Gratitude: 365” to follow my daily gratitude blog my second year in TN.

… A new season is emerging

Since my early years in TN, I haven’t felt nearly as inspired to write. But now, after over 5 years in TN, a new chapter begins and the desire to document this chapter of life is as significant as it was when I began to my first year in Tennessee. The chronicles of my first year in Florida are about to be written.

Happy reading and thank you for visiting my blog!

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