20150515AbbyandMe_SP14Hi, I’m Shayna. I am a wife in love with my best friend. I’m mom to a cool teenage daughter and the most precious fur-baby. I once was a dancer. Now I am a photographer. I am chasing my dreams. I am a loyal friend, and I am a Christian.

I started this blog when I was 30-something and have crossed over into the 40-somethings. I was born and raised at the beach in the Los Angeles area. I moved to Phoenix at the age of 19 with no job, no friends and no family. Eighteen years later, I moved my daughter and I to the Nashville area with no job, no friends and no family.

I have always said that I love an adventure which is what led me to blog and has kept me blogging. I invite you along on this adventure with me. Read more about my blogging beginnings here



  1. Thought that I would drop by and catch up with what you have been doing to your new blog and I have to say that I really like it – particularly the photographs! Will keep in touch!

    Take Care!


    • I am so glad you came back by for a visit! Thank you for your feedback. Any critique is so helpful in the learning process. Thank you for taking the time!

  2. Thank you for the continued support in just commenting on fellow bloggers material. So few have the time and you always encourage others. I am encouraged to see great talent with This Year in Photos here (some landscape favorites in there in summer/winter!), and as I continue to look back, I continue to see how Yes, the Lord is good for sure.


    • That is very kind! I appreciate your encouragement as well and your continued following of my blog/work. It’s a learning process for sure and I always value the comments I receive. I wish I had more time to read through and look at others’ work. There is so much good, high quality, artistically created photographs. I’m inspired by it. ♥

  3. Hey Shayna! Your blog popped up on the front of the WordPress main site, and I clicked on it. I’m a California to Tennessee transplant as well; I live in Cookeville. Can we get together for lunch or coffee sometime?

  4. asignoflife

    I’m 18 and just moved to the Phoenix area from Washington with my boyfriend, car, and cell phone. Your page came up on Freshly Pressed (congrats!) and I figured I would poke around for a bit.

    • Thank you! Wow!! Phoenix from Washington… during summer no less! I hope you enjoy Phoenix and all that it offers.

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