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Beginning The Tiny House Diaries

When I moved from Phoenix July 19, 2010, I never could have fathomed how much my life would change, how much I would change or how much what I wanted would change. I hoped, but really didn’t know, if I’d find love and marry. I never thought I’d own a beautiful home on nearly an acre. I wished for a dog but couldn’t conceive how joy-filled that would be. During these last 5 years, I have enjoyed the things that the Lord has brought into my life. One of those things has also been a shift in how I envision a happy and fulfilled life.

For the past few years, Ron and I have dreamt about being able to take a year and travel the States. We would go through spurts of discussing where we would go and how we would travel. When our friends Dawn and John came to visit us during their 3 month Fall Colors Tour of the United States (click HERE to read about their journey), it really fueled our fire. Listening to their stories of seeing new places and visiting friends and family really inspired us to uncover what would satisfy the lifestyle we were dreaming of.

Since then, we have been maneuvering our lives towards minimalism. We soon will be true TINY HOUSE dwellers with all of the freedom that accompanies a simplistic lifestyle. We have been living tiny in our big home for the past 6 months, occupying about 400 sq. ft. of our 1800 sq. ft. home.  People ask all the time, “You like each other that much??!!” We really do like each other that much!

Today marks the first significant milestone in our tiny house journey. Our home is officially under contract, and we are set to close in about 30 days. The next few steps are being put into play, but we aren’t quite ready to share all of it with the world…. not just yet anyway. But I will give a little teaser and say that perhaps our engagement pictures at the marina might have been foreshadowing…

I invite you to follow my blog because I will be sharing the fun and the challenges that arise as our tiny house dream becomes our reality.

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