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Happy Birthday, Woodstock!

It’s clear, if you have spent any time at all visiting my blog, I am totally in love with my dog. I am so incredibly grateful for him. He has been a part of our family now for 2 years (though he was 1 year old when we rescued him from the pound) and every day I am in awe of his sweet soul.

I am astonished by how God created dogs to be: loyal and active members in the family. He finds ways to communicate with us that go beyond just his basic needs. He communicates his preferences, his feelings and desires. I am so blessed to have him.

Here are a few random fun facts about Woodstock:

  1. He gets very excited to see cows and he knows the difference between a deer and another large animal.
  2. One of his favorite meals is “Dog Food Salad”. He is all about eating his greens.
  3. Salmon is his protein of choice.
  4. He knows how to play Fetch but pretends like he can’t find the stick.
  5. He will get your shoes for you, if you ask him to… or he will do it to give you a hint he is ready for a walk.

I couldn’t let this milestone of another year as our fur-baby go by without a proper styled photo shoot. Enjoy!






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