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My Easter “Bunny”

Woodstock had his first Easter themed photo shoot. Once he got used to wearing the ears, he realized that those naturally-dyed, hard-boiled eggs were for him!

This was the first time I dyed eggs this way. Once I cooked the eggs, I allowed various edibles (spinach, purple cabbage, blueberries, beets, turmeric and coffee) to steep in boiling water. When the water cooled, I placed the cooked eggs in the dye, added a teaspoon or so of white vinegar and put them in the refrigerator overnight. The white eggs took the color well. The brown eggs needed longer or I could have cooked the eggs in the water with the edibles for richer colors.

The process was very easy and something I will do for him again, even when it isn’t Easter. 🙂







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