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Still Making Dreams Come True

One of my dreams has always been to go to Walt Disney World.

As a young child, I went to Disneyland every year with my mom and my grandpa. I still remember the ticket books and having to choose wisely when I would use my “E” tickets. As I got older I went more often; and by the time I got to my senior year in high school, I worked there. I loved the Park. I still do, though it has been many years since I’ve been. But I have always wondered what Walt Disney World was like. People told me “It was the same…but different.” I could never quite wrap my head around what that meant.

Isabel and I talked about going often. When we finally moved to Tennessee, I thought maybe i might be able to make it a reality. But high school gave her the opportunity for her first trip before I could. When she came home, she parroted what everyone else said, “It was the same…but different”.

With the somewhat spontaneous trip down to Stuart, I cleverly figured out that we could fly in and out of Orlando… and if we were in Orlando, how could we not go to Walt Disney World?

Our original plan was to spend Monday-Thursday late morning in Stuart then drive to Orlando. Hang out. Chill out. Friday and Saturday would be spent at the Park before we flew home Saturday night. But then we figured out… “Why not leave early Thursday and go straight to the Park so we can be there for 3 days?!” OF COURSE!!

So Wednesday we went to bed early… Thursday we got up early and got to the Magic Kingdom just as they were opening.

Day 1: The Magic Kingdom

Who knew you had to take a boat ride to get to the Magic Kingdom??? No one ever told me that!

People are right. To compare Walt Disney World to Disneyland is the same… but different. The same, because I recognized so many rides. They may have been laid out differently within the park or the queues were a bit different, but the general spirit of the attractions were the same.

However, the best part for me was so many of the rides that were at Disneyland when I was young (and are no longer there) are at Walt Disney Wold. It was fun to experience that again. It was unexpected and made that part of our visit there really fun for me. SouthernGirlPhotography_1523







Day 2: Hollywood Studios

Having been to California Adventure many times, I imaged Hollywoods Studios would share some similarities. And it did. It had a lot of the same feel. Some of the rides that I thought would be at the Magic Kingdom (like Disneyland) were transplanted to this park.

I really enjoyed all of the references to Old Hollywood. And I loved Tower of Terror and the roller coaster.. But the best for me was watching Isabel participate in the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. That was SO! MUCH! FUN! for me to watch… and photograph. 🙂






Day 3: Epcot

I was really, really looking forward to Epcot. I was obsessed with the golf ball. I was fully convinced that the whole park was inside the golf ball. I have no idea why I thought that or where I got that idea from. Then when I learned that the whole park wasn’t inside of it, I thought that the World Showcase was. Neither was true.

It was so cold this day. So cold I had to buy gloves and borrow her beanie. I hadn’t really anticipated cold weather when I packed for FLORIDA!

We rode the rides and had great photo ops with the characters; but spent most of our time making sure we saw every part of the world that was showcased. We went through every gift shop. Had fun listening to the accents of the cast members who represented their countries. And yes, we were sure to eat something for each country. 🙂

Our day here was a bit short since we had to get to the airport. But the day, and each day, were wonderful memories to have with my daughter before she ships out in the Navy.

Walt Disney is still making dreams come true.









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