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First Stop, Stuart

Ask me what I know about Florida and I would say “Well, that’s where Disney World is. It’s where we left from when we took our cruise”. And that’s about the extent of my knowledge of Florida. I had been through Florida but never really visited Florida itself. Since Isabel has taken a different course for her military career, I invited her along with me for a few days to Stuart, Florida.

We took an E X T R E M E L Y early flight out of Nashville and into Orlando, rented a car and made our way south.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I found a Starbucks without any GPS assistance. 🙂

Driving on the Florida freeways (Oh wait! They aren’t free!!) was an interesting thing. I had no idea there were toll booths or that they only took cash – none of which I had on me. People also drive exceedingly fast. I’ve been known to put the pedal to the metal but 80 mph is just too slow for most there.

We kept it low key as far as hotel but in the end, it couldn’t have been a more convenient location. We checked in and then went straight for downtown Stuart. So. Super. Quaint! It took about a hot minute for us to find the TWO chocolatiers. We have a special talent for that.  We walked along the riverwalk and just enjoyed the scenery.

We spent the next couple of days getting to know the area, walking along the beaches and spending time with family. We went downtown often for amazing sushi, great pizza at Luna’s and more chocolate.

Here’s a little glimpse into what we did and saw.

all pictures taken with film | Nikon | Portra 800





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