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History with Friends

I have never been much of a history buff. The closest I came to being interested in any of my social studies classes in school was Government. However, living in the South does spark an interest, knowing that things I read and learned happened at the very place I live. Because of that, I have always wanted to go to Carnton Plantation.

Ron has longtime friends, Dawn and John, who live in Canada. They took an extended journey traveling across Canada and the United States in their RV trailer. Along the way, they met up with many of their friends and family and stayed here in Nashville for several days with us.

Naturally, the day they arrived, he was working… and naturally, they arrived before he got off work. So this introvert had to introduce herself all by herself. Yes, I am capable of it. But if I can have things my way, I would have someone to cling onto in every new social situation. Like I said though, I made it through the awkwardness. Well, until I let Woodstock out to do his “business” not knowing they had cats… AND that the cats were loose in the yard. *HEAVY SIGH*.

Woodstock took off chasing those cats like his dog-hood was on the line. He chased one straight up the tallest tree we have in the backyard. I felt horrible. Of course, they took it in stride. I was mortified! But it did make for a great story when Ron got home.

Dawn has a strong interest in Civil War history as well as architecture. One day while Ron was working, the three of us took a field trip to Carnton Plantation. It was amazing the things I learned during the tour. I was so impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the staff. I was completely blown away by how well they engaged me in the story telling of the people’s lives.

After our tour, we did a little more sightseeing around Franklin, including the Natchez Trace Bridge and then met up with Ron for dinner.

I brought along my little film camera to practice.

SouthernGirlPhotography_1547 SouthernGirlPhotography_1548 SouthernGirlPhotography_1549 SouthernGirlPhotography_1550

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