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Friends, Food, Flowers and Photos

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting together with several women for an afternoon to make flower crowns and have a sunset photo shoot. When I signed up to attend, there wasn’t anyone that I knew going. It is a big effort to put myself into a social environment without having someone along side me. But this sounded like such a cool thing, I didn’t want to miss out. However, by happenstance, a friend of mine attended as well. It was a really great time getting to know other photographers, event planners and designers.

I’ve been talking about and looking a lot at “tiny houses”. It just so happened that this evening was hosted by a woman who lives in a “tiny house”. It was so cool to see how a couple lives in such a small space. I loved it. Now I’m thinking about it more and more. 🙂

The sunset photo shoot that was planned after we made our flower crowns was nearly rained out. Thankfully, the rain stopped enough to be able to shoot, though the sun was hidden behind the clouds.

A few photos from the evening…












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