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Here Comes the Bride

Two months after the day, I am finally getting some of our wedding pictures posted. *happy dance*.

To describe the day, it was very relaxing. No nerves. No pressure. No distractions. No outside expectations to live up to. If I could wish only one thing for a bride on her wedding day, it would be that she could fully relax and take her special day at her own pace.

Early that morning, we took Woodstock for a fun walk at Wilderness Station and then went for a nice breakfast at one of our favorite local restaurants. We kicked back at home for a couple of hours until I left for my hair appointment (thank you Deanna at Top of the Block for doing such a beautiful job on my hair…like always!). That was the last time he saw me until our “first look”.

It was nice getting ready in my own home, in my own room, with 2 friends…. They would be Savannah, my makeup artist and Alyssa, my photographer. We did a “first look” in our backyard and Woodstock got to be a part. He was so cute and so excited to see me all dressed up… not to mention that he and I had been separated for 3 hours.; so of course he was excited to see me 😉

We made our way to the ceremony where our dear friends, Nancy and Simon, awaited us. The ceremony included a total of 8 people: the two of us, my daughter and her best friend, Nancy and Simon, Alyssa and Rabbi Flip. That was it… and it was perfect. Of course, no wedding would be complete with out some version of a cake smash. Our version were cupcakes, and it was more like a feeding than a smashing.

Everyone left and we went to the Natchez Trace Bridge for our bride and groom portraits. By the time we got there, the sunset was shrouded by cloud cover, and the full moon rising was hidden by the hills. Nevertheless, that time together was just the way I imagined it would be… well… except for the people driving by whootin’ and hollering’ at us. I didn’t really think that part through all the way. LOL.

Thank you to everyone who made our day so memorable… especially to Alyssa for capturing the day in a way that will be preserved forever. XOXO.

SouthernGirlPhotography_0238 SouthernGirlPhotography_0240SouthernGirlPhotography_0239SouthernGirlPhotography_0241 SouthernGirlPhotography_0245SouthernGirlPhotography_0242 SouthernGirlPhotography_0243SouthernGirlPhotography_0244SouthernGirlPhotography_0246 SouthernGirlPhotography_0247 SouthernGirlPhotography_0248 SouthernGirlPhotography_0249 SouthernGirlPhotography_0250 SouthernGirlPhotography_0251 SouthernGirlPhotography_0252SouthernGirlPhotography_0254SouthernGirlPhotography_0255SouthernGirlPhotography_0253SouthernGirlPhotography_0256 SouthernGirlPhotography_0257 SouthernGirlPhotography_0258 SouthernGirlPhotography_0259 SouthernGirlPhotography_0260 SouthernGirlPhotography_0261

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