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Happy Anniversary…to Me!

Today is my 4th anniversary in Tennessee (and the 2nd anniversary of my business). It’s hard to comprehend where the time has gone. In so many ways, I still feel like I’m new here while also feeling a sense of comfort from being settled.

I wanted to share with you the words written to me by the one who has witnessed almost every day of my life over the past four years. It warmed my heart to hear the summary of my life from another’s view.

A few years ago, this girl named Shayna decided to make a change in her world. She was tired of the same old thing and wanted to seek an adventure that would give her and her daughter the opportunity to make a new start in a new place filled with new people and even more new places.

She set her eyes on the place called Tennessee. There was no real reason for her decision to go to that place. Sure, there was an insincere promise of a relationship awaiting her. In her heart, however, she knew it was just the excuse she needed to set her course. So she got in her car, her trusty Geo and off she drove.

Four years ago today she arrived in the Volunteer State. She had no friends, little money and the only hope for a relationship was almost immediately dashed to bits.

In four years, she has found love, married her best friend, started a business, guided her daughter towards a strong life direction, bought a home, traveled to several states, written a couple of blogs, and if that wasn’t enough, she got a dog. Her first dog, Woodstock.

She is loved by her man and her daughter and her dog.

And now . . . The fifth inning. Stay tuned everybody. My beautiful Shayna girl is about to hit a home run and it will be awesome!

There is no question that there has been much change and growth in my life. I, too, look forward to what more life has in store.

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