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My Little Buttercup

If you have followed my blog for awhile then you would know that I have completely fallen in love with cows… Well, pretty much all farm animals. I can’t explain it, but their little faces are just SO cute! I decided awhile ago that I was going to buy a house and have one cow, one goat, one sheep, one donkey and one llama as my pets. And in my little fantasy farm life, they all would be friends and let me pet them. I am feeling somewhat compelled to mention that the only pets I have ever had are fish and hamsters…

Last November we moved into our house! Time to start bringing home the animals!

Let me introduce to you my little Buttercup.

Ok… she really isn’t mine, and her name probably isn’t Buttercup. But that’s what I call her when I drive past her every day. Yes, you are reading this right. I have unashamedly “adopted” someone else’s cow in the neighborhood since I can’t have a petting zoo of my own. My daughter thinks I am crazy; my love just smiles and nods.

What can I say? Living in the South has definitely opened me up to value and appreciate things that never would have been a consideration when I lived life as a big city girl. There is a part of me that is letting go of what so clearly defined me, and I am conforming more to a life that is unfamiliar yet attractive. I used to be comforted by the noise of traffic, sirens and horns; now I find more comfort in starry skies, a rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo at dawn and seeing the sunrise over the cow inhabited grass fields.

Maybe one day, I will have a home on acres of land that will provide me the space to have my farm animals. Until then, I have “my” Buttercup.

(And if there is any question that I might have “adopted” someone else’s livestock prior to Buttercup…. GUILTY as charged, and of course, I blogged it. You can see the cutest donkeys click here… and calves click here.)


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