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Snow Day…. (finally!)

My first winter here in Murfreesboro was an exceptionally snowy winter, as I have come to learn. Kids were out of school for an entire week because 4″ fell overnight (and melted over a couple of days). I remember that particular day we made snowmen, snow castles and had snowball fights. I had visions of winter fun year after year.

When fall rolled around the following year, I bought my daughter a sled thinking how she missed out on so much sledding fun that previous winter. I didn’t want to relive that Mommy guilt again! Little did I know, I was in Fantasyland. Since that winter, there has virtually been no snow at all. That sled has sat unused for two winters now. In fact, I’m not even sure I have it anymore! I think I gave up on it ever snowing significantly again and gave it away. But this past Monday, the tide shifted… Well, at least enough to get out with my camera.

It was quite cold and the snow was really blowing. I hadn’t anticipated how difficult that would be for a portrait session with my loves. But, I did get a few good shots. My hunger for wintery photographs has been satisfied, at least until the next time it snows. 😉


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