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Practice Creativity

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a new bride. She and her husband have been married for almost 8 months. When I approached her to do a “glam the wedding dress” session, she jumped on it. And who could blame her?! Her dress is beautiful, and she is beautiful in it.

I wanted to do something special for her and thought this would be a great opportunity to practice creativity. Not just the beautiful artistic things that can be done in post-processing, but also things that can be done in camera. Now, I’m not one who thinks of herself as terribly creative. I have friends who are true artists. They paint. They sketch. They make art. I can slap paint on the walls and draw stick figures… hardly the same thing. But after this shoot, I realized that I also make art.

My art might be more minimalistic in style. Actually, as I think about it, that describes my style in general- in my home, fashion and beauty routine. My art might be more subdued. It isn’t flashy and bold or vibrant. But neither am I. Yet, those are the qualities that I love so much about other people’s creativity. I realize now that these other styles of artistry are what I have held up as the definition of creativity, which is why I couldn’t see my own.

Though many people have a true, raw artistic ability that overflows from their soul, others develop over time and with practice. Some approach their creativity emotionally. Others intellectually. So, this session marks a beginning. It’s a beginning to mindfully practice creativity daily albeit from an emotionally driven place or from the intellectual, logical place (where I generally reside). I know that like all things in life, the more you practice, the more you master it.

A composite image inspired by a photograph I saw on Pinterest.


Black and White Film | Ilford HP5 400

Every woman wants to be a cover girl!



    • Thank you! I exercised that creative muscle a little bit today! Thanks for keeping up with what goes on over here. Have a great day!

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