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Give Thanks

I am all for new experiences. I embrace the new experience. I love how after three years of being in the South, there are still things that are new. It’s like an adventure. However… there is one thing that can really mess up the whole “go with the flow” and “embrace the new experience” experience. That would be hunger- the desperate kind of hunger that consumes my fogged up brain.

Last Sunday morning, we went out for a late breakfast. It was 10:45 and we opted for a buffet style restaurant. Something a bit like an Hometown Buffet or Golden Coral, except it is a family owned local restaurant. After having a sampling of the breakfast food, I preferred to wait for the lunch items. Little did I know that my dining experience was going to take a hard left turn.

The cooks brought out scalloped potatoes, candied yams, broccoli and rice casserole and all the trimmings. It was 10:55am and the whole spread was out… minus the serving spoons. Strange. A fellow hungry patron inquired to the cook about getting some serving spoons out. He informed us that the serving spoons would be set out after the blessing had been said over the food, which happens at 11:00 am.

Wait! What? The whole restaurant is going to say grace together? This was a first! I actually thought it was cool until 11:00 am came and went. At 11:05 am I was standing in line with about 10 other people toe tapping as our growling tummies waited. With each minute that passed, I was caring less about grace and really just wanted to eat. I had to really check my attitude. My hunger and impatience was getting me sideways.

The blessing was finally said at about 11:10, and it was a very beautiful expression of thankfulness for being blessed with a thriving business with good employees and faithful customers. Truly, it was refreshing to see someone publicly acknowledge the goodness of God on his life and have a heart to ask God to bless his employees and customers in like manner. The sincerity melted my heart and caused me to pause and be thankful for the freedom to express my faith however, whenever and wherever I please. Having that reminder was worth the extra few minutes of waiting to eat.



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