Southern Girl Photography | Murfreesboro, TN
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I’m often asked what the experience is like when a woman schedules a portrait session with me… and why I choose to photograph women.

I photograph women because I love it! I love the shared experiences we talk about. I love the funny, “telling on ourselves” stories that we laugh about. I love to see a woman take a few hours away from her busy schedule and give herself a gift: a few hours just to herself.

Above all, I love to show a woman her unique beauty that the rest of the world sees in her. That beauty that she often doesn’t see in herself. I’m not talking only about the outer beauty; I also mean the inner beauty. I photograph the beauty that a woman’s group of girlfriends is drawn to… the beauty that a woman’s children aspire to have… the beauty that her man fell in love with.

I photograph “everyday” women because I’m an “everyday” woman.  I relate to the constant pull that our lives have on us as women. I understand what it feels like to perennially strive to find that balance in life while raising a daughter, starting a business, going to school and pursuing things that personally impact me as an individual: my health, my faith and just feeling beautiful.

That’s what a session with me is all about. It’s about feeling beautiful. It’s about being taken care of instead of being the one who is caring for someone else. It’s about me getting to pamper my clients. A client spends a few hours with me and the only thing she has to think about is having fun, being re-energized and feeling amazingly glamorous.

I have a wonderful, experienced artistic team who helps me give each client an experience that makes her feel like a million bucks… because she IS worth a million bucks! | Murfreesboro, TN

Southern Girl Photography | Murfreesboro, TN

Southern Girl Photography | Murfreessboro, TN

HMU courtesy of Brandi Paden. For information regarding her services, email


  1. Wow. Beautiful photographs. Your post was very touching. What a wonderful reason to do a certain work.

    I think I need one of those before and afters done of me! lol.

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