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Everywhere I Go…


Those who know me well know how I L-O-V-E to drink water. I always have, even as a kid. I don’t go anywhere without it. I never add anything to it except on the rare occasion at a restaurant when I am asked if I would “like lemon with that”.

A dear friend of mine who lives in Phoenix (and who just so happens to be celebrating a birthday today) told me how she has jumped on the water bandwagon. But she has done it by adding MiO to her water. Since I like my water plain and don’t look for water enhancers, I had no idea what it was. During that visit, she ran me to the grocery store to get some water to have in my hotel room (like I said… I don’t go anywhere without it!). In that aisle were the many varieties of MiO. Who knew you could flavor water in so many different ways?!

It’s been several weeks since I saw her last (and only a few weeks away from seeing her again… WOO HOOOO!!) but every time I have been to the grocery store since then and see the MiO displays, I think of her.

So, this blog really isn’t about anything other than to shout a big “Happy Birthday” to her and to let her know how much I think of her.

Do you have funny, random, everyday kinds of things that cause you to think of a special friend or loved one who isn’t nearby? Leave me a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your stories!

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