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The Re-purposed Watering Can

We have finally settled into our new place but not everything is exactly put in its proper place. It didn’t take long for a little sparrow to find a new purpose for the watering can that I left sitting in an old planter filled with dry dirt. For two days straight I watched this bird build her nest to lay her eggs. It was remarkable to me how deliberate and diligent she was. She started early in the morning and continued all through the day. It was neat to watch and was a reminder to me to stop and pause once in awhile. Beautiful things are happening all around, all the time, and life is so much more fulfilling when I stop to take notice. Seeing things in nature, the landscape and the wildlife are the very things that I love so much about living in the South. I don’t want to take these things for granted.

I hope you are able to take some time today to notice of some of the beautiful and simple things in your life. And if you have fun having a camera in hand, capture a photograph and spread the joy that comes from enjoying those simple things.


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