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My Kind of Vacation

Everyone has a different idea of what a vacation should be. I always think that I want to spend my days sleeping in late and relaxing all day on the sand with the warm breeze blowing my hair. But in reality, I get restless and what I really want to do is GO! GO!! GO!!! I like to go places I have never been and do things I have never done. Our family vacation is coming up soon and though we are headed back to Phoenix, I am hopeful to find at least a few things to do or see that will be a first for me.

All of this comes to mind because my best friend and two of her kids came to visit us for their vacation. This wasn’t their first trip to Murfreesboro but it was the first time they came and really had the chance to spend some time. And we definitely made the most of it. We buzzed around all over town…. Downtown Nashville, Berry Hill, Franklin, Fall Creek Falls…. And each of these places, offered Mr. T (our favorite 7 year old guy!) a long list of firsts.

Since I like lists so much, I thought I’d create a permanent record of what he accomplished:

1. Bike riding

2. Frisbee throwing

3. Waterfall hiking

4. Build-A-Bear making

5. Frog catching

6. Firefly hunting

7. Pancake cooking (oh how we love The Pfunky Griddle!)

8. Airplane lavatory using (ok, not the highlight, but still a first!)

9. TN friend making

10. Deer spotting

11. Greenway walking

12. Blue heron viewing

There is a lot of joy in watching children experience things for the first time. I think it’s one of my favorite things about being an adult. Thanks Mr. T for being so fun and so game to learn and do new things. You are awesome!!









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