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Happy Anniversary: Year 3!

I seriously cannot fathom that today is my 3rd anniversary in Tennessee! I can’t say I am new here anymore. I have seen so much, grown so much, learned so much, overcome so much. My life is incredibly different but in such wonderful ways. Needless to say, it isn’t without struggle or hardships; but I would have had those regardless. It’s just that my life is so enriched.

I recently had a conversation with my daughter about some circumstances from years ago that she knew very little about because she was so young.  One of the things I pointed out was that often times there are a handful of decisions that are made throughout the course of one’s life that undeniably change life’s course forever. And at the moment of that decision, we cannot comprehend the domino affect that will occur. Moving to Tennessee was one of those decisions in my life.

I came here with a vision and an expectation. That vision is totally nonexistent. My life shows no resemblance in any way to what I imagined it would be. It also shows very little resemblance to the life I had in Phoenix. But what has developed has been a beautiful representation of how good my God is and how His love for me shines upon my life.

This has been an incredibly busy year. I’m not sure I have ever experienced a schedule as daunting as mine has been this year. Because of it, some things got set on the back burner. One being my blog. I didn’t accomplish what I had set out to do since my last anniversary. I’ve let it go and am marching on. But now that some of the distractions have been removed, I am finding my way back to more regular blogging. I have no theme this year and intend to just continue to write about my thoughts, my life, my work, my love…and becoming a Southern Girl.

To my faithful readers, I hope that you continue to laugh with me at my random silliness and relate to life as a mom and a woman. To new readers, thank you! I appreciate your readership, comments and likes.

I pulled out a photo of my first day here. This is down at the square in Shelbyville on the courthouse steps. I wrote about a neat conversation I had with a lady I met that day in one of my first blogs … Friends in Unexpected Places.

Happy reading!




  1. Starlet Jackson

    Wow! 3 years?!? So hard to believe! Thank you for continuing to share your life’s journey with us. You were a blessing in my life when you lived here in Phoenix and even in Tennessee you continue to be a blessing!

    • SO hard to believe! Love ya lady! Thank you for always being so encouraging and supportive! xoxo

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