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Small City Living

Let me share with you another one of those “OMG! I can’t believe…..” moments I recently had.

A few nights ago I was walking to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. As I walked passed the volleyball court in my apartment community, I saw a shopping cart dumped in the sand. (Bad blogger/photographer for not whipping out the camera and taking a picture of it! *Hmph!*) All of a sudden I felt like I was just hit by the reality Mack truck! All this time here, I have never noticed that the grocery stores do not have those magic painted stripes in the parking lot that disable shopping carts so that they cannot be removed from the lot.

Perhaps it has taken me nearly three years to realize this because people return the carts to the store when they take them? Or perhaps people don’t walk with a cart full of groceries since there are no sidewalks here? Or maybe people just don’t walk because there is a lot of country miles between home and store….? Whatever the reason, this was the first time I saw a “buggy”, as they are called here, in some random place.

In the hopes of validating my seriously lacking observation skills, I share my revelation with my daughter… only to see her face go blank and hear the “Duh!” that undoubtedly went through her mind. Validation denied! Reality Mack truck just backed up over me.

The theft prevention strategies that have become such a part of the sub-culture I’ve always known causes me to presume that all cities have a rampant theft problem. But at least, as of this writing, there are still some places in our country where crime doesn’t rule over common decency. Just one more reason why I love small city living.



  1. My epiphany was like yours….but in reverse. I remember the first time I saw those paint stripes/magically locking carts and thought, “What the deuce!?” I’ve gone from small town Arkansas to Atlanta, GA. Culture shock runs both ways, I reckon. 🙂

    • LOL! It never occurred to me it could happen in reverse! I hope you are loving the adventure of big city living.

  2. …What the heck are these magical lines that you speak of? I’ve never heard of them before and I live in a big city myself! I live in a big {ish} city in New Zealand and I constantly see shopping carts everywhere. I’m going to resort to Google to find out about these magical things! Haha

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