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The Forever Kind of Friend

Making friends in Tennessee has proven to be a far more difficult task than I could have imagined. I have at times begun to see a budding friendship just to see it fall by the way side. I am not sure if it is the colliding factors of busy schedules, differing life stages, or just a lack of interest in developing a forever kind of friendship. But that’s the kind of friendship I look for, because I am that kind of friend- the forever kind of friend.

I’m loyal- until death do us part- when it comes to my friends. And I am so thankful for the handful of friends that  I do have that are just as loyal to me. The thousands of miles and the time that separate us never factor into our friendship. We make the time. We make a way to connect. These ladies in my life I trust with my kid, to not be offended by my unbridled tongue, to not judge me and to help me along emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. They are such a source of encouragement and strength, even during the quiet times.

One of the neatest things for me now is to see how some of these friendships are extending to a younger generation who are now becoming women. The oldest daughter of my best friend (for almost 30 years!) has graduated from college and is beginning her career as a teacher. I had the opportunity to fly out to California and photograph this milestone in her life. The friendship she and I had was that of adult and child. Now- woman to woman.

It’s been disappointing at times struggling to make that connection with other women, but I can’t complain. I have a handful of wonderful ladies of all ages who are those kinds of friends- the forever kind… and for that I’m rich.

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  1. Well, I am a Mother, I have 3 boys and I am 39 years young… I am just right over in Calhoun Ga.!! I would like to chat with you.

  2. I can definitely relate to you here. My high school class has 20 people in it we were all close, after high school most people went away to college. I stayed and went to nursing school (I didn’t know anyone). I found out quickly most people would be much older than me (I was the youngest in the class). I got befriended many people but just in a scholarly way (since many were older with husbands, kids, FT jobs, etc) we would hang out at the college, study together, etc.. There were several people my age whom I became close to but once we graduated we drifted apart but not totally. On top of all that I recently moved in with my boyfriend – about 25 minutes from where I lived. I didn’t know anyone. I get some days feeling like you have no connections or close friends! This was one of the main reasons I started a blog:) For more connections to people. I live in Iowa (no where near TN, ha) but I’m always up for chatting!

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