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Learning Is Fun

As part of the upcoming 50th anniversary party, I have been helping to put together a montage of old home movies shot in the early 1960’s. It has been so much fun to see the people whom I now love living, loving and interacting with one another so many years back. Looking at these clips over and over has caused me to realize how still photography has always been a part of my life but video never has.

My uncle was a photographer. Though I don’t remember his days in that profession, I am certain he greatly impacted me. I have always had a camera in my hand. I honestly cannot remember a day in my life without one. But here is the interesting thing… action film has never been a part of my life. I never had access to a movie or video camera with the exception of about 6 months the end of my senior year in high school when my step-dad bought one of the first palm-sized Sony camcorders. I think I used that camcorder 3 times.

Having action movies is no less important than still photography. Video documents the things that stills cannot capture… gestures, a person’s laughter and their voice. What a beautiful gift it has been to be able to watch these old home movies. It is something that will be handed down for generations.

This revelation has inspired me. What if I could learn to shoot video and create mini-movies for families to have? A professional quality video portrait of the love of a couple, the friendship between sisters, the playfulness of children.

I tackled my first attempt and I’m putting it out for all to see. Not because it is great. It isn’t. But that’s ok. It, in its own way, documents my beginning. And from here on, I’m growing. And the truth of the matter is, that this particular video is sentimental. It documents the long awaited purchase of his dream bike. It isn’t professional quality. But not unlike the films from the 60’s that at times are blurred, over exposed, shaky and out of frame, they are still special and important to the family. That is this film to us. It’s his new bike that he has waited so long for; and it is the first of what will eventually grow into a valued and successful part of my business.

Triumph from Shayna on Vimeo.

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