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To Love, Honor and Cherish

There are times when people walk into my life, either for life or for just a season, and leave an indelible mark on my heart and mind. I love when these interactions happen because they are always a surprise (btw, I LOVE surprises, if you can pull one off!)  and their impressions reveal themselves at different times, in different ways.

I had the honor of photographing a wedding last week. For those who know me, weddings are not my genre. I am not one for big crowds and big parties. I enjoy the connection that happens when I photograph someone one on one.  But this couple has such a beautiful and special love that I was drawn to and that I identified with. I didn’t want to walk away from accepting the invitation to photograph their wedding day.

It was a beautiful day at Union Station and a beautiful ceremony. I really did feel honored to witness it. And as I have begun the process of culling and processing their photographs, the emotions that I experienced as I listened to their vows…the joy, happiness, gratefulness… rise up within me. That has really taken me by surprise. I assumed that I would sit in front of my computer and work with a sense of “getting work done” but it has been more than that.

It is wonderfully refreshing to see a couple who genuinely honor and respect one another. It’s how I want to live my life in my relationships. So, “Thank you, Murphy’s” for reminding me of the great love that I have and to honor and respect it as the special gift it is.

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  1. Liberty

    They turned out great! You are very talented and I dont think there is anything you cant do!

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