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My Pinterest World

Is it just me or has life become consumed by the wonderful Pinterest world? I can spend hours being inspired by the captivating work of other photographers, the handy dandy tutorials and the plethora of crafty genius ideas that I desperately aspire to some day have enough time to attempt. I work nearly as hard at keeping my Pinterest world as neat and tidy as I do the rest of my world. I almost think I could survive off of Pinterest and water alone…. now that I have given up brownies.

As I was trying to unwind one night earlier this week, I was perusing one of my boards, {words} i love. And it struck me… There is a common thread in much of what I pinned: relationships and using what you have to make the life you want. Those two things really do encapsulate the idea of who I am and what I care about. In fact, those were the driving forces in my life that led me to Tennessee. I always find it interesting and surprising when I see my reflection in things other than a mirror.

I learned a little bit about myself looking at my boards. In the midst of my crazy life of being a mother, a student, a girlfriend, a photographer and a business woman, I have not neglected the parts of me that I am most proud of: my relationships and my dreams.

Come join my Pinterest world and follow me and follow Southern Girl Photography, too.

What are the things that you are most proud of about you?


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