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My Winter Break Joy

It has been a real joy for me to have a break from school (which has been just that- a break from school. The rest of life has been moving at warp speed!). There is something to be said for creativity having the ability to flourish when the confines of structure, deadlines and GPA’s are removed. It seems like out of nowhere growth and clarity surrounding the particular niche of my business has begun to surface.

I love black and white film. It has influenced how I shoot digitally and how I process my images. I love the grain. I love the creaminess of the skin tones. I love the timeless quality about it. It’s classy. You will see a lot more black and whites as I continue in my work.

The other lovely quality about black and white film is that it is forgiving. And forgiveness has become and important quality in my processing as I have come to realize that I really enjoy photographing females. I, for one, appreciate photographs of me that don’t show EVERY wrinkle… I’m guessing I may not be the only woman who feels that way.;)

What I found that enjoy so much about photographing women is that I get to learn about their unique story. Every woman has a story of who they are and what has brought them to this particular moment in life. That’s the journey for me as a photographer- to tell the story of who they are. That’s what I am striving for. The women I photograph inspire me.

What inspires you?

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