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A Moment to Exhale…(but only a moment)

It’s been a long time! I have missed having the moments to sit down quietly and think about something other than the to-do list that dominates my days. Now that this semester is over, I am hoping to find more consistency in my blogging and getting out with my camera to shoot some personal work. I’m pretty sure that was the goal for my Junior year in Tennessee?! LOL… I’ve let myself off the hook a little bit in order to rid myself of the guilt of not finishing what I started, exactly the way I had started it. It’s all about how we finish the race, right?! But now, at least while I’m on break, maybe I can get back to the intended plan.

While on the analogy of running a race, I did finish two more half marathons since my last post. Now, I can mark that bucket list item as complete: 3 half marathons within 90 days. Nashville. Murfreesboro. Memphis. I had a lot of fun. Each race was challenging for different reasons and in different ways. And each one was fun for different reasons and in different ways. As you (hopefully) read, I did Nashville with my best friend. I never turned my ipod on, we just enjoyed the city and walking together. That was awesome. Murfreesboro, I did with my daughter. We each ran our own races and she finished ahead of me. But it was fun knowing she was out there and doing her thing. Now, Memphis was a totally different experience. For one… it had hills! I didn’t realize how the “rolling hills” can really change things! It affected my time but not by much. This was my first time in Memphis. I got to see it all and I loved it. It’s a great city and I’m looking forward to going back. Memphis was also special in that a dear friend’s 18 year old son was just diagnosed with cancer. I got to do this race, for him, knowing I was supporting the great work and research that St. Jude’s provides to young people facing the battle against cancer.

These are some of my favorite photos I took during the race. There was so much support through the whole course. I loved the cleverness of people’s signs and their energy to keep cheering us all on. Again, apologies for the camera shake!

20121201MEMPHIS0102 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0114 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0129 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0131 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0133 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0154 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0157 - Copy20121201MEMPHIS0144 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0161 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0169 - Copy

I only had my point and shoot with me on this trip but I couldn’t miss out on getting pictures of some of the awesomeness of Memphis…and that includes Graceland. Who could have ever imagined I would have gone there!? AWESOME (and I’m not even an Elvis fan!)!!!

20121130Memphis0014 - Copy 20121130Memphis0016 - Copy 20121130Memphis0025 - Copy 20121130Memphis0028 - Copy 20121130Memphis0037 - Copy 20121130Memphis0039 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0164 - Copy 20121201MEMPHIS0181 - Copy 20121202MEMPHIS0280

That to-do list I mentioned earlier is beginning to call me very loudly! So off I go, but not for nearly as long. The next post I’ll talk about how grateful I am for shooting with film this semester. Enjoy your day. I hope it’s sunny and warm where you are. 🙂


  1. Liberty

    I love your pics! You have really grown so much! I am very proud of how much you have done! I love you Shayna! Miss you!

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