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School and Motherhood and Business – Oh My!

It has been a long time since I was anywhere near my blog. The start of the new semester, motherhood and the budding growth of my business has brought on winds of change. In this moment I’m sitting in the eye of the storm of life. Stillness and quiet surround me just long enough to put down on virtual paper some of the wonderful things that this whirlwind of life has kicked up for me.

I have still had my camera in hand, most days of the week anyway. Some days it is my digital camera but more often than not it has been my film camera. Film is a wonderful medium to work with. I have a growing appreciation for the art that is film but beyond that, the skill that film requires. I have really been enjoying work in the darkroom. So much so that maybe one day I’ll have a darkroom of my own. At some point, I’d like to scan some of my prints…. Ah but alas, that might require more time than I foresee having. But hopefully one day I will be able to post some.

My daughter has begun her sophomore year in high school and moving into her next big life’s milestone: driving. This will be an interesting adventure for mommy but one I’m looking forward to. She has grown so much in such beautiful ways over the past several months. I am very proud of her.

The most exciting thing I’ve accomplished, and am continuing to accomplish, is marking off the next item on my bucket list: The completion of 3 half marathons within 90 days. Last Saturday was phase 1 at the Women’s Half Marathon in Nashville. Two weeks from tomorrow my daughter and I will do the Middle Half in Murfreesboro; and in two short weeks after the Middle Half, I will be doing the St. Jude’s Half in Memphis. That one I am especially looking forward to. I’ve only very briefly been to Memphis. This will be a fun way to see the city. Like I said in the beginning, my camera has been in hand. Here are a few shots I took on the course as I completed the Women’s Half. (Disclaimer: Forgive the blur. I did not break for picture taking. šŸ˜‰ )

I appreciate those of you who continue to stick with me as I navigate through life’s busy-ness. Forgive me in the times of awkward silence. I promise I won’t completely neglect the blog and will come back as often as possible.
Happy weekend everyone!




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