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In the City

Digital Photography School’s weekly photo challenge this week is “In the City”. I have lived my entire life in the city…. until my move to TN anyway. Murfreesboro isn’t exactly what I would call a city. Although there can be considerable traffic down the 3 main roads at the dinner hour… and there are three Walmart’s to ensure that no matter where you live it won’t take long to do your big box shopping. But really at the heart of this ‘city’, it is more like a big town. So up to Nashville I went.

I do a lot of shooting downtown Nashville while my daughter is in her dance class and therefore have become very familiar with what I might expect to see. I wanted to see something different for this photo challenge. What I saw this time were details.

Only in the city do you have to pay ridiculous parking fees and still have to walk a mile to get to the restaurant you wanted to enjoy dinner at.

In the city, you find photo shoots of all kinds in process.

Only in the city do you have to park your nice motorcycle up in a parking garage to avoid someone vandalizing your bike.

Only in the city, someone paints a mural to honor a local legend and then it is left to deteriorate into a faded memory of what it once was.

In the city, terrible musicians get paid (probably better than most legitimate jobs) for “entertaining” us on the street corners.

Only in the city, street preaching carries on while passerbys pay no mind.

Only in the city of Nashville are the bike racks in the shape of a treble clef.

Only in the city are there permanently placed signs not to “help” the panhandlers.

Only in the city do the construction projects share the skyline with amazing sunsets.


  1. wherethedaytakesme

    I love them, it’s amazing the things you can find in your city to photograph. There is always so many stories that could be told through one photograph. Great work.

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