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Water…the Refreshing Beverage


It has been a particularly hot July… and with no shortage of humidity, either. After all those years in Phoenix one would think that I would have toughened up. I suppose I did, but as soon as I left Phoenix behind my body chose to deny that a hot climate existed anywhere else. Thank goodness for air conditioning…. and my favorite beverage, WATER!

I have always loved water over any other drink. I never found soda enticing or milk and juice to be very good at thirst quenching. And tea is like a strange, flat tasting water. This Southern girl in the making has yet to see the value of sweet tea!

Much like people like their coffee a certain way, I like my water a certain way. I don’t want it cold or with flavors or sweeteners.  I want it straight up. I prefer it in a bottle so I know exactly how much water I have had to drink in a day.  Quantity and quality matters. I can taste the differences between the different brands. And more expensive isn’t necessarily better. It’s just different.

So here are a few photographs of the one thing that I couldn’t live without. (But I guess that doesn’t really make me all that unique. ;) )

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  1. I really like the last one – love the tone and texture!


    • Thank you! Still life isn’t my strongest aspect… so I’m forcing myself to grow. Lol! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. ICED or ice? You know what I mean. I love ice cold water. Ya, that sounds better than iced cold. Haha – sorrry!


  3. All are lovely, but the bottom two are the best in my opinion!

    I love both water and tea. I drink my hot tea without sugar, but I do love good sweet iced tea. However, good sweet iced tea is tough to find because three things have to come together: good tea, not-too-much sugar, and sugar added to the tea while it is still hot. I never have understood why so much iced-tea is over-sweet. Bleh.


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