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Back to My First Love

This week’s photo challenges begin with water. There is a lot I could say about water but thought a photograph reminiscent of the my childhood might articulate my thoughts more clearly.

I grew up spending my days at the beach. Every day. I’d miss school for it. I’d go late at night and early in the morning; during June gloom and the Santa Ana winds. The eighteen years I spent in Phoenix, I longed to be near the water.  I really did miss the smell of the ocean and the cool offshore breeze. I knew going back to the Los Angeles beaches probably wasn’t where I really wanted to be forever, but I also knew that I couldn’t be far from some kind of body of water.

When I moved to TN, I was totally amazed that rivers went through town. That was so foreign to me. I knew the American River and the Kern River but those were places we would go as a kid to go camping. I didn’t realize that cities were literally built along rivers, as they are all through the South and the East.

But then when I learned not only are there rivers here but a lake too I felt like I hit the jackpot. I haven’t spent much time at Percy Priest Lake but thought this would be a fun place to hang out with my friend for some great girlfriend catch up conversation and take some photographs. This marina reminds me a lot of what I would see at the marina in Redondo Beach.


  1. Todd Materazzi Photography

    Totally reminds me where I reside – Annapolis MD. Great series.

    • I think Florida will be in my near future… a birthday weekend getaway. I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. My favorite shot is the B&W with the rope. The others are beautiful, but the texture and contrast in that one is outstanding!

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