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One Last Sugar High

Everyone has their substance of choice for getting high. For some it’s adventure, the gym, marathon runs, performing, applause…. For others, sugar is their drug of choice. For all of you who love the good ol’ fashioned candies and sodas of your youth, I have found your supplier! Rocket Fizz in Nashville is a fun, nostalgic candy and soda shop.

I found this treasure about a month ago. I was lured in by the charming red, white and blue exterior.  Once inside, I was mesmerized by the endless bins of salt water taffy. I had to get myself some! Of course I told myself I would only have a few pieces. But what I forgot to tell myself was that really I was intending to have a few pieces of each flavor! I loved the carmel corn and the caramel mocha. Mmmmm….

I spent that next few hours on a sugar high which generally leaves me silly and extremely chatty- great entertainment for anyone who is willing to sit and watch.But when I went back to photograph the shop this week, I was a good girl and chose to keep walking on my path to better health in lieu of succumbing to the almost unbearable temptation for one last sugar high.


  1. wherethedaytakesme

    I love this photo. It looks almost like Big Top Andy in Austin TX. Awesomeness.

  2. Been to Nashville several times lately and still I missed this. It will have to go on the list for the next trip. Great place for road trip supplies!

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