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Her Maiden Voyage

Living life as a big city girl, it never once occurred to me that I might one day be the owner of a canoe. Boats were all around me growing up in Redondo Beach but none were canoes. Kayaks, outrigger canoes, sailboats, houseboats, speed boats…yes. Lazy day, river running canoe… no. But that is exactly what we purchased yesterday. And I LOVE it! We are going to have fun this summer on the Stones River and wherever else we decide to take it. Chattanooga? The lake? Knoxville? I can’t wait!

How could I have such a momentous life event and not take some pictures? Impossible! These are pictures of her first time in the water. I stayed on the shore until they came back… at which point my camera stayed in the car. Soon, though, I’ll be taking my camera out with me on the river and am looking forward to what neat creatures I will find.

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