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Summertime Friday Nights

Some people mark the arrival of summer at Memorial Day weekend. Others mark the “change” of seasons when the relative temperate high in the 80’s has been replaced by temperatures that soar into the high 90’s and beyond. But there is a segment of the Murfreesboro population that marks the arrival of summer with the weekly Friday night car shows. This is a whole new thing for me in my life as a Southern girl; and I may be taking a liking to it.

All walks of life, all ages are out enjoying the diversity of cars on display. I like the idea of how one event creates an atmosphoere that attracts the generations and where the oldest is sharing stories and a history with the youngest.

This isn’t an exclusive group that shows their cars. Nor is it a specific era, make or model that is shown. I saw old vintage cars from the 20’s, classic “I Love Lucy” cars, pristine muscle cars from the 70’s, slick sporty convertibles and the updated, modern-day versions of each.

I found myself particularly drawn to the cars and trucks that pre-date the 1960’s. I like the line of the curves down the side of the body. I also like the striking hood ornaments that add to the stately design. These cars are a form of art. Some have been painstakingly and lovingly restored and show like art that hangs on the wall of museum: “Do Not Touch”. Others show their use and wear, rusted out and tattered and are more like a hands on exhibit at a children’s museum.

This was my second visit to the car show, and I have to admit that the curiosity of what car I might see the next time will no doubt be all the motivation I need to attend again.

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