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The Joys of Childhood

Assignment: Joys of Childhood: Think back on your childhood. What were the simple things that delighted you? Watch your own children. What little discoveries are they making while they play? Mudpies or stickball, tea parties or playgrounds, try to capture those childhood pleasures we forgot as we grew up. You can use this as a chance to practice children’s portrait photography or use objects and/or places if there are no children available to you.

One of the fondest memories I have as a child was hanging around outside and watching the boys on the block play whatever sport was in season: hockey, football, basketball, baseball. Some things never change. You’ll never find me hitting the ball or running the bases, but I have a lot of fun watching friends play.

Last night I had my camera with me and was strongly encouraged by my instructor to set my camera on RAW and forgo using JPEG anymore…and so I did. This was my first attempt at shooting RAW and shooting action in Manual Mode. The experience in and of itself made me feel a bit child-like. It was like having a new toy to play with on Christmas morning.


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