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My Weekend Through the Lens

I spent this past weekend with my camera in tow. Two weeks was entirely too long to not shoot. Saturday I went to the zoo by myself but I wasn’t alone. My childhood best friend who lives in the Los Angeles area was on the phone with me. We have a phone date every 4 weeks, most of the time. So while we talked and got caught up, I walked the zoo and took pictures of the animals.

And because it is the South, there is also a cemetery. I’ve been here nearly two years and I still don’t quite get the whole random cemetery thing. My first blog about random cemeteries was written during my first year.

Sunday was a fun family day, everyone doing what they love to do. We went to Lebanon so Isabel could attend some dance workshops. On our way we passed a few old, rusted out classic cars and thought what great photographs those would be! We got her there and watched her for awhile and then went back to those cars.

Behind the lot the cars were parked on was an open field where a silo sat with ivy growing around it. The residents of the  farm were kind enough to let us wander around. All was perfect until I found a stow away in the car when we left… A TICK! Yeah…. I pretty much FREAKED out! (No pictures of that guy… sorry….)

We checked back in at the dance workshops to see how things were going and everyone looked like they were learning a lot and having a great time. So off we went on our next little adventure. I love architectural photography and the square in Lebanon is particularly quaint. No better place to work on my skill. On our way, we came across an old John Deere tractor…an MT… just like the one he had as a boy.

Now to the square…

Sunset was near and dance was just about over… at least for her… But I couldn’t leave without getting a few shots. Just to clarify, these aren’t of my daughter, rather, just part of the group on the whole. If you are new to partner dancing, this style is called West Coast Swing. It is a social dance as compared to a more formal ballroom style. You can get information about local WCS dance events on facebook: Lebanonswings Dance.


  1. Todd Materazzi Photography

    I really like your B&W’s – of still photography and of the persona you captured on the dance floor. Great eye in these captures.

    • Thank you! Those are some of my favorites, too. I’m looking forward to getting back to the dance studio. Now that I got my feet wet, I’d like to change some things and see how that might change affect the image.

      Thanks for your feedback! So appreciate it!! 🙂

    • This was the first time I tried to photograph cars. We drove past them and later went back because I knew I would enjoy shooting these. Since then, I’ve found I’m really drawn to cars. They are so interesting from an abstract perspective.

      • You did an amazing job with them, first time or not, just like a pro. I completely agree with you about the beauty of cars from an abstract perspective. My father paints images like that in oils.

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