1. heather huntington

    Let’s play a game…….I met you my senior year of high school…….for a while we did everything together……i was always planned out and you ran like the wind……..we paid for gas in pennies, ate tons of ben and jerry’s……you taught me not to wear a sport’s bra and to walk in heels……..heather huntington

    • And the one thing we would take with us if the car caught on fire? The photo albums! All those trips to Disneyland… Hollywood… The pier… Hearing from you, no doubt, will be the highlight of my day!! I have thought about you so much…. my mom and I have talked about you, wondered…. Much to catch up on!! I’m guessing you read through some of the blogs: Isabel and I are in Tennessee now, I go by my maiden name, I’m in school for photography (and may finish just the time she starts college!). I’ll email you… and feel free to find me on Facebook.

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