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Something Still is in Progress

This is the first time I am posting any of the specific classwork that has been assigned as I pursue my photography degree, but thought that this week’s assignment might be worth posting- if for no other reason than to document my improvement. This shooting assignment is void of humans and void of nature. So it is completely out in left field as far as I am concerned. My camera and I are always zoomed in on things that live and breathe- people, nature, wildlife, the heartbeat of a city. But this week, it’s still life… or “Something Still”, as it has been entitled by my professor. She assigned each of us a general category to work with in and gave us specific instruction to be very mindful and deliberate where light is concerned. “Yikes!!”, I said to my inner self as I quietly sat in my seat facing the reality of having to shoot something that is inanimate and not reliant on natural light. My category was “something in the refrigerator”. Perhaps wine glasses are a stretch but it was the only thing that appealed to me (besides a bowl of eggs… which I already shot and will be turning in for my high key assignment due at the end of the semester).

So here are a few of the pieces I did last night. I have a few more ideas to try and several more shots needed to make my 36 that are required to be turned in. But at least “Something Still” is in progress…


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