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Photo Assignment: Treasure: Take an image on the theme of ‘Treasure’. Interpret it anyway that you wish – but the idea is to photograph something that you view as being a treasure of yours. It could be a person, a possession, a place or anything else.

I find it hard to encapsulate in an image the sentiment tied to my treasures, but hopefully I have at least illustrated them….

My treasure: My friends

Building the kind of friendships that uplift, encourage, motivate and help you to see in yourself what you don’t see is a hard thing. These kind of people that you can entrust with your thoughts and ideas don’t just come around every day. Friendships like these roll around in their own timing and can’t be forced or planned. They grow and happen when they happen. Finally, a year and a half into my life as a southern girl I have these kinds of friends. We all met at work (where all of us no longer work… THANKFULLY!!!) and are all at different stages of life, me being the oldest thereby affectionately named “Mama Shayna”. But there is a wonderful care for one another that knits us together. So in the midst of our crazy school, work and life schedules we make time several times a month to spend an afternoon together usually at Starbucks. This day, however, Brandie and Rebel met me at the dog park. Rebel has been Brandie’s special treasure for the past 9 years.

My treasure: My love

He is the best man I know: strong in character, value and heart. Capable of anything and a work ethic to match. His success isn’t defined by a number on a balance sheet. It’s measured by the fulfillment in his relationships. He is a great conversationalist, loves to seize the moment when an adventure presents itself and knows how to make me laugh. He is my best friend. I photographed him with one of his treasures: a guitar that belonged to a very dear friend of his from a well-known act who passed nearly two years ago.

My treasure: My daughter

She is the sum of my life. The passion to be all I know I can be, the strength to rise above and the courage to stand up when fear tries to convince me to lie down is inspired by her. She is the compass in my life. Without her, I’d be lost. These photographs were taken last night as she was making treasured high school memories.


  1. BoJo Photo

    Shayna, very touching words and photos as well. What if we could put so much emotion into every photo that we take.

    • Thank you! Those kinds of images move me…motivate me. That’s my goal: To create photographs that are so well illustrated that narrative isn’t necessary because the story can be seen.

  2. Brandi

    Beautiful, Mama Shayna!
    I know that Brandie loves the photographs that you took.

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