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Before and After

I have always loved all things French. I don’t know where this love came from but as early as the third grade I became fascinated with the language.

Fridays were library days and every other week I would check out a book that taught beginning French. I didn’t understand a word of it, I was still learning English! Nevertheless, I made every effort to learn French that year. When I entered high school it was a no-brainer that French would be my foreign language. My high school had a great program and offered me wonderful opportunities, including a summer abroad. At sixteen I spent a summer learning the language like a native, the culture and the people. I got to see many parts of the country and do amazing things. However, there were three things that I did not do: go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, tour the inside of the Louvre, and buy a crepe from a street vendor.

Until the day I am able to return to Paris and mark off the last three items of my to-do list, I seize every occasion to enjoy the things I love about France. This past weekend my daughter and I took a road trip to South Carolina and on the way passed through Knoxville, where I happened upon an amazing creperie. Being true to myself, how could we not stop for lunch?

The French Market is situated in the market square on Gay Street much like a café on a Parisian street. It is intimate and has an outdoor patio for spectacular people watching. The staff was friendly and the food… AMAZING!  We couldn’t choose only one crepe, so it was the mushroom and cheese crepe from the savory crepe menu and the cherry cheesecake crepe from the dessert crepe menu.

If you happen to pass through Knoxville, I hope that you will pay a visit to the French Market and enjoy a little bit of France in East Tennessee.

Bon Apetit!

As for my photo assignment, it is Before and After- as in before we ate the crepe and after we ate crepe.

Before and After: You can interpret the theme in any way that you choose. You may wish to make it a bit of a post production challenge (and share a photo before and after you processed it with your favorite processing software), you may choose to capture an event (before and after a kids birthday party for example), you may wish to photograph the same scene before and after sunset, a haircut, a…. well anything. Choose whatever you like!



  1. BoJo Photo

    I love food so I’ll definitely have to check this market out when I’m passing through.

    • It was. This is a must visit creperie if you head near Knoxville… which is a great little city unto itself!

      • Sadly I have been to K-town many times ( as I have family and went to college near there) and have never noticed this place. Obviously, I must remedy my mistake! Next time! 🙂

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