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January 22, 2012

One year ago I wrote about the first 6 months I spent in Tennessee and what I hoped would be accomplished the 2nd 6 months of my first year.

“….I recently asked Mr. M&Ms, ‘What is something noteworthy that has changed in me or growth you have seen in me since you’ve known me?’ The answer: He sees in me the willingness to stop and take a breath and that there is a settling into my life and my surroundings. I think he is right- at least about the settling into my life. As far as taking a breath, that may be a life-long lesson- one I am determined to master.

So as I look at where I have been, my busy-ness reflects the many things I imagined my life to be in Tennessee. And what will the next six months hold for me? Returning to school is on the immediate agenda. I hope I will be able to say that I will be injury free and returning to the dance studio, as well. And for my relationships? I’m continually looking for new ways to ‘make some memories’. I hope these memories will come through adventures and conversations and good meals together.

What would I like to be able to say about myself and my first year in Tennessee? That I truly ‘slowed down and enjoyed life.'”

I am thankful that this past year I have achieved some of those things: I am back in school studying what I LOVE, I have been injury free though I am still looking for opportunities to get into the dance studio more, and I have been making memories with my daughter, my love, and my friends over good food, coffee dates, and fun road trips. I am still learning to slow down but I am truly enjoying life. And that is a gift I am very thankful for.

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