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The Assignment: What does timeless mean to you and how can you convey that feeling to others in a photo? Is it an old statuesque building? A beautiful garden or landscape where you can seem to escape all the pressures of life? A timepiece on an aged mantel? An older couple holding hands? See what you can find this week that speaks to you in a timeless manner.

Timeless as defined by is:

1. without beginning or end; eternal; everlasting.

2. referring or restricted to no particular time.

Both definitions beautifully describe the essence of my recent weekend getaway. It was 3 days spent at Fall Creek Falls, one of Tennessee’s magnificent state parks. It was a weekend full of everlasting memories engulfed in a space that was not restricted by time. For a girl who has an unforgiving, internal clock that is completely synced with the satellites, this getaway felt as though time was non-existent. The rising and setting of the sun largely dictated time. There was no internet service framing up time and space… no cell phone service… But just enough modern convenience to be able to enjoy the NFL playoffs.

We did the things we enjoyed doing as kids: Walks along the water, bike rides through the woods and a lot of picture taking. This big city girl got to experience the timeless beauty of the South in child-like ways as though my ability to be in awe of creation was also timeless. listed the following as synonyms for the word timeless, each a reflection of my thoughts: Enduring, which is the friendship that was nurtured this weekend; Lasting, the memories that I have; Abiding, the appreciation I have for the hand of God upon the earth; Permanent, the photographs that captured each timeless moment.


    • Thank you! I really love photo 3 also 🙂 But photo 2 was a lot of fun. I had so much fun shooting the deer. It was awesome!

    • Thank you so much! I’m completely fascinated by deer. I never saw one until I moved to TN. For that matter, I don’t think I can recall visiting any wooded areas in the heart of Phoenix or the beach in Los Angeles 😉 The South is very beautiful! Thank you for your visits!!

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