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Happy Fourth

I may only have about two weeks left until I have officially resided in TN for a year, but I continue to experience many things for the first time.

This was our first 4th of July in Tennessee, and the celebrations began on the evening of the 3rd with the first fireworks show I took Isa to without her fussing. We spent the 4th at the lake which was our first time there and enjoyed our first TN barbeque with the standard all-American 4th of July fare: hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and watermelon. For the faithful reader. . . Yes, there were veggie burgers being grilled up, too. The firsts continued for Isa when she was invited to end her evening at her friend’s house lighting fireworks for her first time.

I really enjoyed being able to spend the day with the people I care most for. It was an opportunity to just enjoy each other void of the scheduled tasks alerting me on my phone and on my laptop. Not one text. Not one phone call. No handheld devices. It was so nice. My mind was still and for the most part, my body was too… a nearly impossible task for most dancers.

One of the things that I missed so much while living in Phoenix was the ocean. I realize that a lake is not the ocean, however, I have always said that if I can’t have the ocean then I’ll take a lake. Knowing there was a lake nearby when I moved was one of the attractive attributes of moving to this area. I imagined what a day at the lake would be like and the reality as compared to what I had imagined did not disappoint me.

The temperature of the water and the temperature of the air reminded me so much of what I love about the ocean. It was wonderfully relaxing just to be in the water. Now, I won’t lie and say that I enjoyed all of the leaves and rocks that were under my feet but I did eventually get less squeamish about it. The rocking of the water’s surface from the wake of the boats was like the rippling of the tide when you are swimming out past the break. I can now say from experience that if I can’t have the ocean I will take a lake.

I am looking forward to going back. I’d like to eat at the café at the marina and maybe explore some of the other islands. Perhaps even an overnight camping trip might be nice. Though I was exhausted from playing in the sun all day, I feel like I didn’t quite satisfy my appetite for wading in the water. As a child, I could never get enough of the ocean. I felt a bit like that young girl again. There is no doubt that I’ll be returning to that place, if for nothing else than to consume the serenity of the natural beauty and fast from all of life’s modern day “conveniences”.

The next first will be me trying to navigate there on my own. . .

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