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Summer Has Arrived

Summer has “officially” begun. By that I mean school is out and the temperature (and humidity) is on the rise. The summertime blues “I’m bored” is Isabel’s new favorite song, and she has only been out of school a week! How does one entertain and cool off in the heat? The water park at the Sports*Com; so I’ve been told.

As I write, I am using my totally cool phone app lounging pool side. Not such a rough life.

I have been wanting to take Isabel to the Sports*Com since we first arrived in Murfreesboro. I heard it was new and inexpensive since it operates through the Parks and Recreation Department. People here call it a water park but it isn’t the kind of water park I’ve been accustomed to. Sadly, it is missing the lazy river and the wave pool which are my two favorite things. I suppose some might say, “Where are the thrilling slides?” But since I am a scared-y cat, the water slides they have suit me just fine. They do have a cool variety of water sports and activities including a rock wall. So for the price, this is the most awesome city pool I’ve ever been to. I fully expect to spend many days here, with or without my girl.

The warm, sunny days have been wonderful, yet there has been an unexpected natural phenomenon I haven’t enjoyed about summer. The cicadas have taken over life here. I’m no bug enthusiast but I have observed what I am deeming as fact. They seem to be blind: flying into my eyes, my hair, my ears. They were in swarms everywhere I went this past weekend.  It was almost like a scene from the movie Arachnophobia or The Birds. However, they seem to be nearing the end of their life cycle and won’t return with this force for another 13 years. Can we get an “Amen” on that?

There is one phenomenon that I have yet to experience and am growing increasingly impatient. I’m told it will happen but I don’t know when. The fireflies. A few weeks ago I saw a random few but I am looking for the sky to be filled with them. I can only imagine what that will be like. My guess is that I will be filled with same wonderment I experienced with the first snowfall. I have my pickle jar ready so I can catch some. My camera is charged and ready to capture the moment. I am really looking forward to this.

With the beginning of summer, I am reminded that I’ve been in Tennessee for nearly a year. In fact, only 48 days remain until my anniversary. It causes me to reflect on just how quickly time goes by, how much I miss my friends, what I have had the opportunity to experience and what new things await me in my sophomore year as a Tennessean.

For those natives and current residents of the South, what’s your favorite place to visit, thing to do, food to eat that I need to be sure to do or try before my first year in TN comes to a close?    




  1. Liberty

    Oh I hope you get to see the fireflies! They are so FREAKING cool! Love and miss you Shayna!

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