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The Random Three

It is blog writing time again, and today I decided to solicit ideas. Now, it isn’t because there is a shortage of topics. I could have written about the awkward Starbuck’s moment I had this week where the man sitting at the table across from me was so loud on his phone that I learned exceedingly too much about his marital dissatisfaction and his wife’s tendencies to rage. Apparently she went into a tirade feeling as though he was ambivalent about her birthday. Somehow going to work translates into “You forgot my birthday!” The ostentatious dinner party he planned for her seemingly was not relevant. I eventually had to get up and move to another table, hence the awkward moment. Or I could have written about the sun. When it sets over the horizon in Murfreesboro, it consumes the sky with this intense glowing red unlike any sunset I have known. It is truly magnificent. At every opportunity, I chase this sunset to capture it on film. A good photo has eluded me, but I am determined and unrelenting. I will get my picture. And if awkward social moments or majestic sunsets were not worthy enough, there was a brilliant moment of household pranks last night, first pulled on me with Isabel’s help and then on Isabel…the same one…and she fell for it! Certainly this is blog worthy. Regardless of the great potential these stories have, I have been given the task to write on any topic that maintains the concept of journaling my first year in TN while connecting three random and unrelated words that I have been given. Oh, how I like a challenge….

The weather has increasingly been getting colder and my daily walks have become more like “I’ll go today if it gets to 50 degrees”. This makes regular exercise a bit of challenge. I enjoy the physical benefits of walking 4-6 miles every day. I like how my body feels and functions, and I like the stress relief that comes with it. But I also really enjoy seeing the wildlife. Please do not be misled by the rumors that have been swirling about that I don’t like nature. I do. I do like the wildlife, as long as it stays outside my three foot radius of personal space. Since spending so much of my time on the greenway, I have experienced things that cause me to be in a state of childlike wonderment. There have been deer that crossed just a few feet in front of my path, squirrels and rabbits scampering across the fields, wild turkeys in the early morning, snakes on a warm afternoon and the craziest looking centipede I have seen. Ok, it wasn’t really a centipede but it was the leggiest red and black caterpillar I have ever seen.

While soaking up all the beauty in creation that surrounds me, I also spend that time getting acquainted with new music on my iPod. I have a tendency to play and replay the same song over and over again. One might say that I don’t need a whole lot of variety in my life. I eat 2 bananas every day at work, I have an unchanging morning routine, and I like to listen to the same songs repeatedly never growing weary of them. But on occasion, I will mix up my playlist and add in some of those great songs from my youth. In fact, not all that long ago I got so excited over the new playlist I made I went out for a second 4 mile walk of the day so I could enjoy all the old school greats like “On the Dark Side” by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, “Bust A Move” by Young MC, “Centerfold” by J. Geils Band, “Roxanne” by The Police. Of course a playlist of old wouldn’t be complete without classic MJ songs, Mariah Carey, Poison, Hall and Oats, Van Halen, and Whitney Houston.

As winter draws near, I will be forced off the greenway and into the gym. It is how I worked out when I lived in Phoenix to escape the extreme heat. Now I will be escaping the extreme cold. I’ll miss the beauty of the outdoors but won’t be alone. My faithful iPod will escort me back inside and back to the 80’s until the days again reach a high in the 50’s and Spring emerges.

And now a challenge to my faithful readers… Can you figure out the 3 unrelated words that I had to include in this blog?


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