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The First of Many Sundays

I often write at home and then make the journey to Starbucks to post my blog since I still am internet-less at home. Today is different. I haven’t anything particular in mind to say but I felt the desire to write. Therefore, I have mixed things up in search of inspiration. Maybe I will find it. Or maybe the blog will just turn out to be a reflection of the mixed up things that cross my mind.

It’s shortly after noon and besides the casually dressed gentleman on his blackberry, I am alone in Starbucks. I suppose most people are just getting out of church and having lunch together. The music is loud and rather somber for Christmas tunes. It’s beautifully decorated with holiday cheer. The baristas’ stockings have been hung and the reality that Christmas is less than a month away is slapping me across the face. I don’t know where this year went. Time moves at an alarming pace.

Isa is at home continuing her I Love Lucy marathon she began last night with one significant difference. We now have something to sit on in the living room. We braved the holiday shopping crowds yesterday and bought a futon that will eventually go in her room once she has her loft bed and we have a real sofa. While working yesterday, one of Santa’s helpers went to Target and picked up the futon that I convinced myself I could fit in my car, but to everyone else’s keen observation skills knew I couldn’t, and delivered it to my home. Not only did Santa’s helper deliver it but assembled it, hung out with my kid and had yummy snacks for me when I got home from work. Santa has expanded the job description of his elves, and I was the lucky beneficiary.

And after a great evening like that, I get to enjoy today. Today is the first day of my regular schedule in my new position at work. What that means for me is I now have Sundays off. It is so wonderful to have time in the morning, to be up late on a Saturday night and have the choice of which church service to attend on Sunday. It is refreshing to have one day where I can laze around and take my time. I must admit though, I am fighting the urge to cram 100 things into my day so that I can call today “productive”. With that said, laundry is my destiny; and the house must be cleaned. There’s dinner to make and church this evening.  All will be done in its time.

The landscape is changing as I finish writing. People are beginning to arrive into Starbucks: a young couple with their twin curly-haired toddler girls anxious for their treats, a well dressed elderly couple who still enjoy spending time together, and the casually dressed gentleman who was on his blackberry has now moved to the funny pages of the paper. Christmas tunes have been replaced by Ray Charles and Diana Krall singing You Don’t Know Me and the chatter of conversation and the buzz of drinks being made fill the air. And I… I am off to to the greenway for a 4 mile walk now that the thermometer outside has climbed above 50 degrees.

Happy Sunday everyone. It’s the first of many Sundays for me.


  1. Teresa

    I love a Sunday Shayna 🙂 Enjoy them!! Love reading your blog and hearing how you and Isa are doing…

    • Shayna

      Thank you! We are doing normal mom/teenage daughter life… You know that story. 🙂

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