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“We got cows!”

A few weeks ago, Isabel got caught in a rain storm without an umbrella and without a jacket while waiting on the street corner for the school bus. Since then I have been trying to be more mindful that it is necessary to watch the weather report regularly. As remedial as this may sound to locals, this is a revolutionary concept to this former Phoenix resident who is accustomed to weather reports that sound a lot like a skipping record. “Today will be a hot one. Tomorrow hot and the five day forecast is hot.”

In my effort to be better prepared, I checked the weather Monday night and saw that Tuesday afternoon had rain in the forecast. Isabel and I came up with an “escape rain” plan in the event it begins to storm as she is making her way from the school bus stop to my work. Great, right? I was so on top of my game! Can’t you hear me being named Mother of the Year? Well…

It was sunny and clear as I went about my regular Tuesday morning routine. I did notice that the wind was picking up but I didn’t sense danger looming while heading home to get ready for work. Forty-five minutes later I emerge from the bathroom all gussied up to the sound of rain coming down in sheets! It seemed as though this came out of nowhere. As I scrambled to find my umbrella which was still packed in some box, the rain began to slow down. I ditched my efforts to find the umbrella and decided it was safe enough to just run to the car. As I stepped outside, I noticed it was remarkably warm. To most people, this would have been a clue; but I simply thought, “Hmmm. It’s so warm. This is kind of cool.”

I manage to get into the car without being completely drenched and drove to work. By the time I’m a mile into the drive, the rain had completely stopped. “Perfect! That was short lived!” And then I looked out my window. To the left I saw the strangest looking cloud I had ever seen. I tried to tell myself that I didn’t know what that vertical thing was in the sky but I knew it wasn’t good.

I decided to turn on the radio to sing along, like the rock star that I am, in the hopes I would be thoroughly distracted from the ominous cloud, the ominous cloud that I was pretending was not what I knew it was. Rather than hearing music, I heard full coverage on the funnel cloud that was escorting me to work. It looked, felt and sounded like a scene from the movie Twister. It was an unsettling yet fascinating thing.

Now, let’s review for a moment how this story began. Shayna is making a new habit of watching the weather report so she is better prepared. Sometimes, though, information gets filtered through prior experience and a lack of genuine understanding results. Here is where I begin weather story number two.

Friday night I saw the freeze warning. Well, that didn’t seem like any big deal. We got freeze warnings a few times a year in Phoenix. Other than cold, I figured it would be life as usual getting to work in the morning. Do you feel another lesson coming on?

With just enough time to get to work, I leave the house. The WHOLE car was covered in ice… ice not frost. Everyone at work was trying to tell me that was frost. It was a ¼” thick! I never saw anything like this before!! I tried to create visibility by using the windshield wipers. Epic fail. I tried pouring cold water on the windshield. It just froze. Clearly, I needed to scrape the windows, but with what? I didn’t have anything. Roomie suggested I use a credit card. So there I was with my Starbucks Reward Gold Card scraping all of the windows.

As I tell my wonderfully helpful co-workers my morning drama, they repeatedly asked, one at a time, if I had the defrost on and if I had let the car warm up. Now, why is it that I find out these “must knows” AFTER the fact?!

Perhaps there is a lesson here for me about becoming a Southern girl: Check the weather report every day and anything you think you know about weather, throw out the window; because you’re not in Kansas…er… Phoenix anymore, Shayna.


  1. Starlet Jackson

    Wow! Classic! Love the title “We Got Cows!” Twister is one of my fav movies!! Keep the Blogs coming and keep up with the weather girl!

    • Shayna

      Ya, this one was definitely a “classic” Shayna predicament! Lol! Sad truth is I forgot to check the weather yesterday. Hahaha…. possibly this may be one of those steep learning curves. :/

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